First-Hand Impressions of the monoclonal Antibody in Migraine Prevention from Patients treated with Erenumab in Germany
Charly Gaul1, Heike Israel-Willner2, Katrin Schuh3, Mirja Koch3
1Migraene- und Kopfschmerz-Klinik Koenigstein, 2Neurologischen Facharztzentrum Berlin (NFZB), 3Clinical Research Neuroscience, Novartis Pharma

This data collection aims to understand the patients’ perspective on treatment with erenumab, a fully human monoclonal antibody targeting the CGRP receptor, available since November 2018 in Germany.


The growing importance of real-world-evidence data in the healthcare sector has been acknowledged for some years. However, the value of capturing the patients’ benefit of a new therapeutic option is still largely underestimated. Quality of life including daily activity, time with the family and the wellbeing of the patient are decisive factors driving migraine management. Thus, it is imperative to characterize patients’ experience with erenumab.


From July 2019 to December 2019 an online survey has been collecting data of German patients diagnosed with migraine regarding their disease and their experience with migraine therapies. Erenumab patients who have already been on therapy for at least three months were further questioned about their treatment outcome and impact on their lives.


An interim analysis covered 19,740 migraine patients including 91 erenumab patients with an overall mean disease duration of 18 years. 40% have already tried, 32% are currently on prophylactic drug therapy, while 37% are using non-pharmaceutical treatments, with most patients (46%) applying relaxation training. Erenumab patients have tried 6.1 different pharmacologic prophylactic therapies on average. 85% of erenumab-patients stated that they can cope better with daily activities and 83% have fewer days lost to migraine since therapy initiation. 67% reported less intense and shorter attacks, a mean reduction of 7 migraine days and 47% could already feel an improvement of their migraine symptoms after the first injection. For AAN congress the full data set of >20,000 migraine patients, ~140 treated with erenumab will be presented.


PERISCOPE provides us the first real world evidence data of German patients treated with erenumab and reveals us a great insight into patients’ benefit and their experience with Erenumab.